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Jody Killingsworth

Pastor, Moderator of Session
‭(812) 369-2002‬

Jody Killingsworth has served at Trinity since 2007. He is co-founder of Clearnote Songbook, a free online worship and liturgy resource, and frontman for My Soul Among Lions. He is married to Jenna, and they have eight children.

Stephen Baker

Associate Pastor

Stephen Baker has served as an associate pastor at Trinity since 2003. Stephen teaches and gives pastoral counseling. Stephen is married to Sebra, and they have six children and four grandchildren.

Max Curell

Associate Pastor

David (Max) Curell has served as associate pastor at Trinity since 2002. Max oversees Trinity’s home groups and just about every other aspect of church life. Max is married to Annie, and they have three children and twelve grandchildren.

Lucas Weeks

Congregational Life Pastor
(812) 369-1700

Lucas Weeks is the congregational life pastor at Trinity. He serves in many administrative and technical areas in the church, in addition to teaching and preaching. He is married to Hannah, and they have seven children.

Philip Moyer

Youth Pastor/Choir Director

Philip Moyer has been serving at Trinity since 2006. He heads up our youth ministry, and also leads worship on a regular basis. He serves as our choir director, and is a musician for My Soul Among Lions. Philip and his wife Amy have four children.


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